Sports Injuries

Sports Medicine is the medical specialty concerned with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries due to athletic activity. Many of these disorders are treated with arthroscopic surgery, a minimally invasive surgical method that utilizes a camera to look inside a joint and specialized instruments to carry out any necessary surgery in that joint.

When to Seek an Evaluation

You should see a doctor for an injury when…

  • You have severe pain and cannot put any weight on the injured body part
  • The area over or around the injured joint is very tender when you touch it
  • The injured area looks crooked or has lumps and bumps (other than swelling) or is altered in its shape or size as compared to the opposite extremity.
  • You cannot move the injured joint
  • You cannot walk without feeling significant pain
  • Your limb buckles or gives way when you try to use the joint
  • Your have numbness in any part of the injured area
  • You see redness or red streaks spreading out from the injury
  • You have pain, swelling, or redness over the injured area
  • You are in doubt about the seriousness of the injury or how to care for it

Women’s Sports Medicine at Dallas Orthopaedic Trauma Institute (pulled from Duke Sports Medicine Center)

The Dallas Orthopaedic Trauma Institute Sports Medicine Center is proud to offer the Dallas-Ft Worth’s only women’s sports medicine program to our patients. Dr. Usha Mani, orthopaedic surgeon, has been building a world-class program that concentrates on the needs of our female athletes, both high-level and recreational. Dr. Mani is the only female orthopedic surgeon who’s training includes expertise is in both orthopedic trauma and orthopedic sports medicine.

The last two decades have seen tremendous gains in women’s participation in athletics and fitness activities and only recently has it been recognized that women have unique sports/exercise-related issues, injuries and illnesses that require understanding of their special needs.

The Duke Women’s Sports Medicine Program, under the direction of Dr. Toth, envisions a national leadership role in managing the medical needs of active and athletic women throughout their lifespan. Through education and research, the DWSMP will have a great impact on injury prevention and will improve women’s health outcomes.

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