Patient Information

At Dallas Orthopedic Trauma Institute, we make every effort to not only treat our patient’s injuries, but to help educate and inform them as well. Within this section you should find everything you need to know regarding your pre- and post-op treatment, prescription refills, requesting an appointment and even your billing and insurance options.

If you need any additional information that is not provided here, please call our business office at: (214) 947-3684

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Emergency Coverage

The Dallas Orthopaedic Clinic provides patient care 24 hours a day. It would be greatly appreciated if our patients would complete routine patient care activities during regular business hours, as our on-call physicians are frequently called upon for emergency surgery or hospital related business. Due to emergencies, you may occasionally be seen by one of your doctor’s partners. Be assured your care will be reviewed by your regular physician and no break in continuity of care will occur.