Success Stories

At Dallas Orthopedic Trauma Institute, we celebrate the health and recovery of each and every patient. It brings us great satisfaction in knowing that we can help our patients to recover and regain mobility and quality of life. Within this section, we celebrate just a few of the many success stories that we’ve been fortunate enough to play a part in.

Amber Gregory, Trauma Care and Orthopedic Success Story

On Nov. 15, 2012, Amber Gregory achieved a personal best in her daily runs — five seven-minute miles in a row. “I thought: ‘Oh my gosh! Look where I’m at!’” the Red Oak resident recalls. “Then the next day, boom!” On her way to meet with a client on Nov. 16, a head-on collision landed the 27-year-old athletic trainer’s vehicle in a ditch. Read more…


William McCraney, Orthopedic Trauma Success Story

The paramedics still remember the accident more than two years ago, when they found nursing student William McCraney and his destroyed motorcycle on the side of northbound Interstate 35 – and 6 inches of his tibia on the other side. Read more…


Javier Ibarra, Trauma Patient Success Story

On May 16, 2012, Javier Ibarra’s morning commute to work took a turn for the worse. The husband, father, and aspiring architect threw on his helmet and armor vest, jumped on his motorcycle, and hit the road. Only moments later, a truck pulling a trailer didn’t see him and hit him. Read more…